I’ve used Henning as my photographer on multiple occasions and he is always my first and favorite choice! I love the encouragement, complements, and direction Henning gives me and I know he could make anyone feel comfortable in front of the camera. I continue to be blown away with his photography and how many amazing pictures I have after our shoot! ~ Mariah D. 

2018-08_Mariah_Vintage Dress_0115_RT.jpg

In a day of age where there seem to be so many “photographers” popping up everywhere, it’s quite pleasant to work with someone actually talented looking through the lens.  To further enhance your experience, Henning has great bedside manners so to speak....he will actively listen and not come to the shoot with his own agenda.  Henning will help you get the look you have created in your mind but can’t quite put into words.  Happy shooting!   Tim G.  

Henning is one of the most talented photographers I have ever met! His eye for beauty within the natural world helps make his photos magical!! Working with Henning and Lyndi during a shoot is a great experience, and they make it fun

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